Coaching Packages

  • 1 on 1 individual sessions (virtually or in person).
  • Team Coaching Sessions (virtually or in person).
  • Complementary 20 minutes introductory meeting to set objectives, discuss schedules and processes.
  • Call for group rates and customized packages

The Emerging Leader

    • Create self-awareness
    • Clarify values and strengths
    • Develop new skills that sets you apart from peers
    • Develop a leadership vision
    • Evaluate current leadership, and create a development plan
    • Increase capacity by implementing new skills
    • Set goals

Influencing Change

    • Eliminate thoughts that are hurting your impact as a leader
    • Learn how others view your leadership and how you view your leadership
    • Find areas for improving your leadership
    • Understand your natural strengths and how you are currently using it

Leaders Who Manage

    • Asses career choices and evaluate best directions
    • Build trust with individuals and team
    • Deal with challenging individuals, conflicts, or setbacks
    • Gain clarity on leadership actions
    • Manage time as your role evolves
    • Manage life’s demands and recognizing what drains you
    • Set healthy boundaries
    • Tackle questions, and diversity concerns

Team Transformation

    • Navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
    • Develop better processes of decision-making, communicating, and organizing work
    • Work more effectively with other teams
    • Develop greater clarity of purpose
    • Become “future-ready”

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