Mayme Doumbia

Hello, I’m Mayme. My passion lies in working with exceptional individuals—those who, despite their apparent success and composure, are eager to explore deeper growth and achievement. Based in Dallas Fort-Worth, I lead a consultancy that goes beyond traditional success, focusing on profound, holistic development.

Those who are most successful, often seen as having it all together, are the ones who seek me out. My clients range from corporate leaders in top-tier companies to innovative entrepreneurs and dedicated professionals across various sectors. At the heart of Xcelsior, I’ve nurtured a community where the best in their fields gather to elevate their impact.

My unique coaching approach is born from a life of diverse experiences. From navigating the complexities of various transitions to enduring the rigorous demands of military life, my journey has been marked by resilience and adaptability. This, combined with my academic background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, equips me with deep insights into leadership dynamics and the intricacies of human behavior.

Mayme Doumbia

Founder & Principal 

My vision is to cultivate a legacy of leaders who excel professionally and positively impact society.

I believe that it’s the small, yet strategic shifts in mindset and approach that lead to great achievements. In my practice, I’ve seen how these subtle changes can propel successful individuals to extraordinary heights. Despite the challenges I’ve faced, from the trials of migration to the discipline of military service, these experiences have honed my understanding of potential and power—insights I now share with those I coach.

The transformative power of coaching is at the core of my work. It’s not merely about goal attainment; it’s about unlocking latent potential and embracing a journey of continuous growth and self-discovery. I guide my clients to make impactful shifts that redefine their professional and personal lives.

As a leader in the coaching field, I am constantly refining my methods and expanding my knowledge. I invest heavily in my development to stay at the forefront, bringing innovative and effective strategies to my clients.

Join me in this transformative journey, where we redefine what’s possible and turn your extraordinary potential into a tangible, remarkable reality.

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