Staying Resilient Through The Chaos

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Now What? That’s the big question we keep asking ourselves. 2020 has served us with more challenges than some of us can imagine in one year. It also seems as if these challenges are happening one after another, and there’s no room to take a break. We’ve experienced an outbreak “which caused a massive dive in our workforce”, racial divide and revolution in the making, and to top that up, there is the upcoming election and the stirs it brings. At some point we start to think these challenges will never go away, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting further and further away.

However, despite these issues, we need to remember that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit. Psychology today defines human resiliency as the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. It is the psychological quality that allows some people to be knocked down by the adversities of life and come back at least as strong as before. Rather than letting difficulties, traumatic events, or failure overcome them and drain their resolve, highly resilient people find a way to change course, emotionally heal, and continue moving toward their goals.

Being resilient as a leader is extremely challenging in these times, however, “crisis” such as these are when leaders are most tested, it is also when we determine “good leadership from bad leadership” . As a leader you are expected to come up with solutions and reassure others that all will be well. Sadly, sometimes not everyone realize that you have challenges of your own. Unfortunately, some leaders feel that they need to come up with a solution for everything, but often feel helpless when they are unable to give a definite answer because they are as unsure a everyone else.

The thing is, all those feelings are reasonable and justified, you are human after all, and we all face moments of doubts. The fact that you are continuously trying to find a way out of these challenges is in itself a great feat. Not giving up but understanding that you are in a marathon and not a sprint may give you some strength. However, if you still feeling doubtful, here are a few things to remember to stay resilient.


                                                                       Avoid Defeating Thoughts

Your thought is a very powerful tool, which can advance you further or destroy your progress. Defeating thoughts not only bring you down, they sometimes send you into a depress state. It’s important to redirect those thoughts and create ones of strength and overcoming. Nothing in this world is constant, therefore, know that “this too shall pass”. Thinking negative thoughts isn’t going to change that, so how can you change the narrative? How can you create an environment in which your mind can thrive? Think up of ways to be mindful and create self-awareness. Allow yourself to fail and analyze that failure and find ways to be better. Overcoming these failures builds you up stronger than before. Remember, YOU ARE HUMAN! So allow yourself to be. Be gentle with yourself.

                                                                 Reconnect With Yourself

Think about (the basics) a time when you only had yourself to lead. What did that feel like? With the busy lifestyles we lead, it is often hard to take time to reconnect with ourselves. We know who others want us to be, but while trying to make sure others get what they need, we forget what we need, and sometimes who we are outside of what we do. Therefore, taking time to reconnect with yourself is so important now more than ever. This is an opportunity to see what you want with your life “what’s your next steps” and who you are outside of your cape?? Superman is Clark Kent the Journalist, Who are you?

                                                           Create Short, Attainable Goals

Creating short goals helps you stay focus. At a time when everything seems out of your control, being able to regain some sense of control can be empowering. Focus on things you can control and accomplish, and live in the moment!

                                                         View Obstacles as Opportunities

Use every moment now as an opportunity and a trajectory for your future. What are you learning through this process? What direction is your gut telling you to follow? What are some things you can do that could help you become the person you aim to be? Remember, every day we are one step closer to starting something new, and you have the choice to decide what that “NEW” is. .

So when the question of “Now What?” circulate your mind, you tell that thought, “Now I show resolve, now I overcome my challenges, now I LEAD my life and my life doesn’t lead me, and now I see an opportunity for myself and I’m taking back control.


What are you doing to stay resilient? Let us know below!

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